(ec - boosts ok) was cleaning out my closet and found a cute (but tremendously wrinkly) skirt I made & a cute cat shirt! 💖

neat n tidy (before i kept abandoning files on it and not actually doing anything with them like i said i would)

wallpaper by illufinch on twitter :)

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remade this because the previous version has an ableist word on it :) 1312

eye contact; selfie 

i got my ears pierced so I've not completed my eBoy™ (eNby?) look

a small bit of yesterday's storm (feat. a rook who decided to make themself known)

apologies for quality but enjoy this photo of a photo of some lightning my dad captured when we were hoping to watch the meteor shower

anyway i love butches more than anything and if ur a butch n ur reading this i love you and this pic is for you

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say hello to asteroid 58345 my first ever sourdough starter and new best friend :)

anyway im coping poorly but im still cute so here's my face and my self haircut i attempted to regain some semblance of autonomy and control (ec)

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