:boosts_ok_gay: Disabled, Queer artist needs help! (e-begging) 

Paypal: DM me for my paypal, it has my deadname, sadly
CashApp: £wenom


Hey there! I'm Fennel, and I'm a 22 year old nonbinary lesbian from Scotland!

Recently, I have returned to art and really been throwing myself into it, it's been absolutely amazing and so good for my mental health. Except... my 5+ year old graphics tablet has unfortunately stopped working, which has stopped me from being able to create digital art - which is infinitely more accessible, at the moment, for me than traditional art.

I'm hoping to raise £70 for a second-hand tablet (£65 for the tablet, and £5 for shipping) but really any amount helps push me towards my goal, helps me afford a new tablet, and expidites my return to creating!

I want to be clear: it is not urgent, please, please don't put yourself in any problems! I do need support to get the tablet, but it doesn't need to be *now*.

Boosts help immensely, so thank you for any and all support, it means so much more than I am able to articulate! <3

thanks to an incredible person I am at £50/£70!!! i only need £20!!!

i cannot thank you enough for all the boosts and support 💖🥺

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amazing! im at £55/70!! thank you so much for your generosity!!!!! 💖 🥺

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:boosts_ok_gay: Disabled, Queer artist needs help! (e-begging) 

@wenom hi!! i’m not sure if it’s the right kind that you need but someone on the fedi is giving away a tablet?

@raspberry thank you! sadly I'm in europe so not in range but I appreciate the thought, its really sweet of you! 💖

@wenom o shit i should’ve noticed that sorry!! either way i hope you can get a new one soon!!!

:boosts_ok_gay: Disabled, Queer artist needs help! (e-begging) 

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