hey y'all, I would appreciate boosts for this, there's a petition appealing to the British government for the removal of gender markers from ID (passports, drivers license, etc) and only folks from the UK may sign it but if it reaches 10,000 signatures, it is guaranteed a response from the government and if it reaches 100,000 it may even be debated in parliament

it only takes a few seconds to sign but could make a massive difference

even if you're not from the UK this could help set a precedent that impacts other countries!

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@wenom to implement this fully, the govt will also have to remove the "hidden" gender marker in a driving licence number (index 01-12 is used in birth month for males and 51-62 for females), although I don't think this would be a big problem or cause number exhaustion (anyone with a better "maths head" know more?)

I've often wondered too what happens when someone transitions, do they get a new licence number?

@vfrmedia @wenom gonna guess they do get a new number cos we just checked my partner's (she's a trans woman) and it has her birthdate in the "female" range (she also has an F on her passport), the other weird thing with driving licences is that they only state a title if it's anything other than Mr.

@wolfie @wenom

Mine has Mr on it; although I did apply for my provisional licence back in 1989 (more to use as age ID - I didn't start driving until 2019) when procedures may have been different. Unfortunately I never thought to take a photo of my provisional so can't remember if that was also on there (my test pass certificate does not contain any info about gender, nor does my marking sheet, suggesting there is no longer any need for DVSA/DVLA to capture this info in the modern era..)

@vfrmedia @wenom ah interesting that things have changed, I wonder if the titles changed when the photocards came in, which are all I've really known as I started learning in 2005

@wolfie @wenom

apparently DVLA change their policies "according to evolving social trends" and can remove (or add) titles on request (this is one of the FOI requests made about this..)

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