man im so forgetful, if i ever send u multiple follow requests after you've already denied me, it is not because im being a jerk who is pestering you intentionally!

i definitely forgot i already sent one and found ur profile again and was like "i think I've seen them before and think they're cool!!" so i send another one w/o realising i sent one in the first place

@wenom @skelltan tbh Mastodon should let you know if you've already sent a request. Someone make that a github or however it works. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@funnypanja i agree, that would be so useful!!!

i certainly wish i had a better memory for things like this but if there were some tool that helped me that would be awesome too!!

@wenom oof I've definitely done this and only realized once they blocked me. Sorry!

@Laura_I yeah, it feels bad bc i never want to make someone feel uncomfortable/like im harassing them

ofc blocking me is totally fine but i would feel sad that i had made them uncomfortable enough to do so, im sorry that happened to you 💖

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