figured i'd start this account off correctly with my very sincere and very serious political opinions:



love when this post starts getting boosted again, its my best post

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@loki @wenom er sorry for missing alt-text (It's a pic of Grievous with 4 light-sabres from that star wars movie)

@shivvi @loki you're both absolutely correct 2 swords* + as many shields as they desire!!!

*at a minimum

@wenom @shivvi me, adding another shield to my collection: "ah, another one for my collection"

@wenom what am I going to do with two swords? I can barely yield one at a time for I am weak 😭

@roxxers it's ok i'll protect u!!! (+ the legion of other sapphics who have swords)

you're not weak, you're powerful for knowing your limits!!

long post! 

@roxxers That's totally fair!

I think that the lipstick lesbian flag is objectively bad in terms of its creator but as well the design isn't even... all that good? it's just... messy & ugly :/

Though I do love the one I used in my profile picture (designed by Emily Gwen), I think it's much more nicely designed and the creator isn't a bigot (and its sad we even have to worry about that)


long post! 

@roxxers As with a lot of other lesbians, I feel a lot more represented by Emily Gwen's redesign through the colours and meanings but I totally understand the lesbians who don't and it's totally cool to design and use your own flag or to not use one at all or to use as many as you can; i just think its so beautiful that we're this community tied together by our love of women and how that impacts our identity as women or NB people! [2/2]

@roxxers sorry this is a lot, no pressure to respond fsdfgslkdg it just makes me emotional thinking about how powerful our love is ;w;

@wenom yeah its an improvement but I still don't like its roots and maybe could be simpler but its nice u have that connection <3

@wenom @kellerfuchs I have a sword. It's plastic, and is used to turn off the smoke alarm.

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