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📌 ⁠–––– [ Introduction / Fenn ] 

🌻 ⁠–––– [ About ]

Hello there! You might know me as wen or wenom, but I'm Fennel⁠—or Fenn!⁠—and my pronouns are they/them or he/him (though anything but she/her or it/its is okay!).

I'm 21 years old and was born and presently live in Scotland, I am white and a tme nonbinary lesbian.

🖊️ ⁠–––– [ Interests ]

I like playing video games, but especially hidden role games with my friends, and I'm interested in comics–though I'm not super hardcore into either!

I enjoy a lot of creative hobbies like writing and drawing, anything where I can create with my hands is something I'm willing to try. At the moment I'm most interested in clay and watercolour but digital is my most common medium (you can actually find me @wisterialust if you'd like).

I've been trying to get into reading, you can see what I'm reading atm here:

🐜 –––– [ Hyperfixations ]

My current hyperfixations are: Among Us, Plants, Tarot & Bugs.

Disclaimer: I am not officially diagnosed with ADHD but that is because diagnosis is near impossible on the NHS, if I don't have ADHD, it's likely I have something very similar.

🌵 –––– [ Boundaries ]

I have a history of being ineffectual at asserting my boundaries, but I am going to take a hard stance from now on. If you ignore my boundaries that's a block.

Please read my boundaries here:

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boundaries, please read before requesting to follow 

I have memory issues; so I may not cover everything in this initial post, please check the replies in case I have added anything that is important.

I am not comfortable with gestures of physical affection, even if we know each other pretty well, unless I am specifically asking for them.

Please don't flirt with me or be sexual towards me in a serious way and out of nowhere, I struggle with social cues and have trauma I'd rather not rehash to justify my discomfort, I am not interested in an internet relationship, sorry. Also men should NEVER flirt with me or be sexual towards me.

Flirting in a joking way, or being sexual in a joking way (so long as the conversation was already sexual) is okay, just use discretion and common sense.

If you have any questions lemme know and I'll try to clarify! :lesbian_heart:

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hey y'all, I would appreciate boosts for this, there's a petition appealing to the British government for the removal of gender markers from ID (passports, drivers license, etc) and only folks from the UK may sign it but if it reaches 10,000 signatures, it is guaranteed a response from the government and if it reaches 100,000 it may even be debated in parliament

it only takes a few seconds to sign but could make a massive difference

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i get nervous complimenting people, especially people i don't know well (im scared of accidentally complimenting them in a creepy way), so just know that if i boost/fav yr selfie then i think you are cute/pretty/handsome/cool as heck/whichever descriptor makes you happiest!

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d slur 

2 things u gotta know about me? I'm a big fat dyke!!! and I would literally die for my niece if she needed me to!!

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thinking of inventing a bunch of fake lesbian stereotypes just to see what happens

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i think that if a woman with a sword in a suit threatened me, well, that would just be neat

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man im so forgetful, if i ever send u multiple follow requests after you've already denied me, it is not because im being a jerk who is pestering you intentionally!

i definitely forgot i already sent one and found ur profile again and was like "i think I've seen them before and think they're cool!!" so i send another one w/o realising i sent one in the first place

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I don't have to be, and actively refuse to be, consumable to an audience besides myself.

If thin people think I'm ugly because I'm fat; if cis people think I'm ugly because I don't "pass"; if straight people think I'm ugly because I'm too queer; I DON'T FUCKING CARE!

I love me! I love the way I look! And, that's enough for me!

also fat people being religated to "plus size" sections of stores is unbelievably laughable especially when you compare how hideous the clothes are to whatever is currently trendy

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something about fashion for fat people either being incredibly form fitting and sexy OR baggy and intended to obscure the form of the body beneath it will never sit right with me

fat bodies are only consumable to thin people as long as we're fuckable or working to hide our shape

i love when my friends make me feel stupid when i don't understand them <3 /j

thinking about the myth that women automatically hate each other and how it was definitely men who created and spread it meanwhile every woman i know absolutely loves women and wants to uplift each other

Pokémon direct spoilers 

:( i was rly excited abt the diamond/pearl remakes but my friend kept telling me it looks bad and they hate it which immediately knocked the wind it of me

i am allowed to enjoy things even if other people don't

the tropes are noir PI entangled with a femme fatale, emphasis on the fatale

and mob boss and her gf who the mob boss would do anything to protect, the gf in this scenario is a doctor (medtechie)

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my friend and i both made lesbians independently of eachother who honestly are very tropey and have a lot of genre overlap and its VERY funny to me

queers see a trope/overdone genre and go "hmm... that's fine... but what if.... queer?"

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on the plus side im going to queer the fuck out of this cyberpunk world and there's nothing he can do about it uwu

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getting into a ttrpg with a cishet nerd is like poking a wasps nest lol

im sure this guy is nice but it remains to be seen... (i just dont wanna be misgendered)

my friend blocked me on twitter? and, i dont know why? im so confused? i dont know what i could have done?

i want to ask her but i also dont want to bother her ? like she clearly has her reasons, but she could have just asked me to unfollow if she didn't want me to follow her?

im really confused, and sad? i know its just twitter? but... i just dont understand and i am scared i've done something shitty

thing's have been weird recently, dunno how to articulate it, just... weird

Hey, I urgently need to move to #berlin, and my flat arrangement just fell through, so I'm looking for a room. Ideally:

- lease at least until July
- with Anmeldung
- near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg)
- with lovely people

But I literally need to move in within 10 days, so I'll take anything. LMK if you/someone you know is looking for a mostly quiet, mostly clean, mostly vegan flatmate.


i think that the response of "adoption is okay" to someone talking about fears regarding fertility is... bad

so, firstly, as a queer person who feels like they have little agency over their own body at times due to disability, that response feels so... alientating? idk, like i know the people saying this to me are also often queer disabled people

but it feels like they're offering it as a "back up" plan, meanwhile i wasn't talking about it as if it was a problem that needed solving, just an expression of fear.

adoption is beautiful and a route i hope to have the option of seriously considering one day

but i dont thing its wrong or bad to also talk about wanting to conceive and give birth; i think its healthy and normal to talk about, even if its not a choice you decide to undertake, right?

i want to be a mother, ever since i was a child i wanted to give birth, i wanted that and i still do - i think it is beautiful and i think it is incredible and i think it is unfair to treat adoption as a back up plan.

nonbinary folks!
do you like the term "enby" as a noun for referring to you?


not going to go into detail but i think i may need to go to the doctor and have a physical exam done and the idea of being touched makes me want to vomit

its possibly a serious problem but i would rather keep dealing with the pain than be touched

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