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My feelings on my reclaimed slurs (long post) 

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d slur 

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(incomplete) list of gay things:
• cowboys
• frogs
• me!!!
• the person reading this

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thinking of inventing a bunch of fake lesbian stereotypes just to see what happens

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i think that if a woman with a sword in a suit threatened me, well, that would just be neat

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long post (its vaguely about aliens but its more about humans) 

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man im so forgetful, if i ever send u multiple follow requests after you've already denied me, it is not because im being a jerk who is pestering you intentionally!

i definitely forgot i already sent one and found ur profile again and was like "i think I've seen them before and think they're cool!!" so i send another one w/o realising i sent one in the first place

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talking abt internalised lesbophobia/biphobia in young sapphics (long; thread) 

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im always like "I don't like glitter" but if i see dice with glitter in them u best bet im gravitating toward them

cis men attempting to talk about menstruation is the WILDEST shit... it's equally hilarious and terrifying

re: gender 


fixing the climate crisis, but only for white people

sometimes i add posts to my drafts

but do you know what i NEVER do? look at my drafts

saving things to my drafts is as good as permanently deleting them

they no longer exist once theyre there

online harassment / deplatforming 

to the woman walking two huge bouncy huskies outside my house right now:
bring them to me, i wish to meet them

mh joke 

choose your own adventure #1, directed at reader 

keysmash (probably bad for screenreaders, sorry!) 

like, white rice and sugar?? a total scam

they remove all the good shit so it looks that way, get those nutrients babes

vampire bodybuilding forums where they advocate against drinking blood from women cause the estrogen will make you gay

Are you a queer socialist who uses Discord? Come hang out, we're friendly.

boosts very appreciated! 

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