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fully ready to become undomesticated and feral at a moments notice, it's just gonna take one more discourse to push me over the edge

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neurodivergent brains are amazing
it's either 0 or 100
no middle sliders

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i get nervous complimenting people, especially people i don't know well (im scared of accidentally complimenting them in a creepy way), so just know that if i boost/fav yr selfie then i think you are cute/pretty/handsome/cool as heck/whichever descriptor makes you happiest!

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d slur 

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thinking of inventing a bunch of fake lesbian stereotypes just to see what happens

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i think that if a woman with a sword in a suit threatened me, well, that would just be neat

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man im so forgetful, if i ever send u multiple follow requests after you've already denied me, it is not because im being a jerk who is pestering you intentionally!

i definitely forgot i already sent one and found ur profile again and was like "i think I've seen them before and think they're cool!!" so i send another one w/o realising i sent one in the first place

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my really talented friend sent me a patch he designed for my birthday (it's a heart emoji with golden sparkles, the heart is coloured like the lesbian flag; dark orange, pale orange, white, pale pink and saturated pink) and two months later im finally getting around to deciding what to do with it

im gonna reboot my pc clean, it is currently so slow it's unbearable

Yo why is femininity so daunting and inaccessible? Why are the standards for women so high that even cis women are often not woman enough? Can we collectively agree to chill?

re: animal death 

animal death 

animal death 

reclaimed ableist slur, d-slur (reclaimed) 

my cat just pit her paw on my hand.... im not crying, you're crying!!!

noooo dont take my shitpost seriously your so sexy aha

existence has been cancelled for the day. everyone go home and stop existing today.

hey fav/boost this and ill assign you a bug based on your profile !! 🐛

every time someone deletes and redrafts a post it's a mini one-time groundhog day


This is why indigenous liberation is a unified struggle that is not confined to any set of imaginary borders dictated by settlers. It necessitates a global movement. The violence against indigenous communities is tied inextricably into the modes and apparatuses that have perpetuated climate change through Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Capitalism.

funny how my bring fat somehow affects other ppl more than me, almost like ppl dont actually care abt my health.... just my appearance

sometimes i forget im fat lol it just isn't the top of my priorities and barely interferes with my life, i have got other shit 2 think abt

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