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The existence of Cyberpunk 2077 the videogame has made google searches for, about, or relating to Cyberpunk the Genre of Fiction a fucking nightmare.

"hi excuse me is everything in this jewelry store insured? Oh great! Okay, I'm gonna ask you not to ring the alarm please, i won't hurt anyone but this is a robbery. Okay can everyone get on the ground for me real quick? Thanks! Alright could i have all that jewelery and the money in the cash register? Thank you very much, hey apologies everyone if any of you want a specific piece of jewelry or something feel free to ask I've got a lot and I know a lot of you were probably eying something you couldn't afford, consider this a thank you for not calling the cops, okay have a great day everyone bye now!"

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every time a left winger gets elected in south america americans write patronizing chauvinistic articles about how people are voting against their own interests until their fingers bleed. lol

Reply to this post and I'll give you a custom emoji mashup

Violent intrusive thoughts lol 

Me: oh I'm doing a little better, nice

My brain: Slit! That! Jugular!!!

Using the πŸ˜‚ emoji as a reaction is fine

Using it unironically in text is sus

Using it ironically when you're being condescending fills me with rage

The 🀣 and πŸ€ͺ emojis are the same but worse

:blobsad: charging up JO crystals
:blobcool: β€œincreasing portfolio ROI”

Going into covid measures felt significantly less weird than coming back out of covid measures

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@dragon springing for the deluxe package, where they suck it after they remove it instead of just before

Abraham from the Bible was a time-traveling agent of the demiurge working to deliberately set up the conditions to make my life and beliefs specifically get persecuted under a category just as large and varied as it is easily dismissed. I don't know why he bothered to make it so easy for me to make criticisms of all of these religions--which I obviously know a ton about since I was dragged to church once--but clearly it's my duty to say what no one else has ever said before: That there are problems with this as a literal narrative of material events

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Abrahamic religions (religions based around the Daniel Day-Lewis portrayal of Lincoln)

and then you get white pagans, i think slightly less now than in the 80s or 90s, talking about how the 'abrahamic religions' persecute 'goddess-centric religion'. like yes please tell me more about how the jews and the muslims are a threat to white women ms grand wizardess of the kult of the ktriple kgoddess ma'am

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people who went to catholic school or were raised evangelical love saying things like 'the abrahamic religions are based on guilt' when neither judaism nor islam has original sin. just say christianity my good bitch

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abrahamic religions (this one specific branch of christianity i was raised in)

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