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Is it normal that when I squat down my need sound like brittle wafer cookies?

There's no issue with having no stated belief, or no belief, or even believing that certain claims are simply untrue and false. There is a very big issue when you assume you know what others' claims are when you know extremely little about them, or if what what hear about them comes only from a few sources, especially outside of that group.

who's the most cursed persona in the nega verse so far

With as much power as nurses have over staffing right now it would be a great time to unionize.

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I thought up "T4T (twink for twink)" last night before bed and am simply delighted to be able to deploy it.

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Oh you're telling me to "have a nice day"?? Thats not very anarchist of you

being immune to propaganda, all my beliefs were instilled in me at birth by god or my mom and dad

Gonna start my own religion what could possibly go wrong

The feminine version of the name Norman is Neitherwoman

Yeah but have you ever listened to the hidden track at the end of Kapital

the idea that 'religion' and 'tradition' are (a) all the same; and (b) intrinsically heteronormative is colonial ideology. where we do find transmisia or homophobia as part of indigenous religious practices, it was usually brought there by european missionaries

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