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Yes he does make his voice deeper no it does not work very well people still think he's a girl at a glance sometimes and he's kinda shamefully into that but also loves attention and being degraded

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I did transition from twink adjacent to butch adjacent and I feel like that's something

Man if I hadn't transition I'd be a ratty twink with an alcohol problem that would date bi girls and get absolutely ravaged by dudes I've only met a couple times in a friends place who just likes to watch sometimes (we kiss)

I'm a dude in the way that if I'd been assigned female at birth I'd have had a solid think about being transmasc and taking T but then figured it wasn't for me but I'd probably still bind sometimes and do the facial hair mascara thing

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Oh you sleep with plushies? That's cute! (Unironic)

Theres a webcomic that I absolutely love and it's just a shame it didn't do a great job at transness (only afab people can be witches but some witches are trans) but otherwise its so good and cute and it's called four leaf and cricket is my favorite character

Me: mask? I don't mask

Also me: I won't even make a phone call if a parent is present in the house, I have to pick my words and actions carefully around them

Can my special interest be cartoons

Am I allowed to do that?

Cause that's something I could spend hours and hours and hours watching and discussing and talking about and have never gotten sick of ever in my life

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