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@dragon i simply want to bring roy orbison to the local amc, safely ensconced in cling film under the competent supervision of my terrapin, jetta

i have had my affiliation with the motion picture association of america revoked for suggesting "bring your own human pet" nights at theaters

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are you a "prioritizes being prepared over being on time" ADHD or a "prioritizes being on time over being prepared" ADHD

Yes I was assigned male at birth
No I don't particularly identify with either gender exclusively all the time

But call me an amab nb and perish by my blade*

*block button and/or punch to the face

i think my favorite thing about conservatives to diap out about is "moral relativism".
1) the idea that there's some kind of objective morality that everyone intuitively knows is so fucking christian/liberal.
2) everyone (including conservatives!) basically already lives life according to moral relativism and just doesn't like to apply it to other people.

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week: Day 2
:heart_aro: :heart_aro:

Imo, if you want to understand aromanticism you need to understand amatonormativity.

Amatonormativity is a fairly new word, coined in 2012 by Elizabeth Brake in her book Minimizing Marriage
Amatonormativity is the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in the sense that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types.

Basically amatonormativity is the idea that monogamous, committed, prioritized romantic relationships are good for everyone and something everyone wants.

Amatonormativity harms aros, polyamorous people, people who prioritize non-romantic relationships, single people and more. Imo, it even harms alloromantic (non-aromantic) monogamous people by limiting the ways they get to explore and build relationships.

#aro #aromantic #asaw #asaw2021

every time i see a picture of a folk punk band i think "i can smell this image"

fedi feature wishlist 

β€’ [locals + followers] post visibility
β€’ mutuals-only post visibility
β€’ tagged-only* post visibility
β€’ replace naΓ―ve federation with trust model
β€’ implement "who can reply" controls
β€’ allow OP to delete unwanted replies
β€’ mute threads i'm not already involved in**

*imagine an opt-in group chat sort of vibe that doesn't spam the local or uninterested followers by default, but still visible to someone who stumbles across it on your public profile

**i'm aware of work-arounds for this but they doesn't work as well as they should and it needs to be implemented as a one-click feature

[Collapsing into tears in public because of depression] sorry everyone that was very unpoggers of me I'll do better next time

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