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@dragon *shits my adult diaper* back in the war,

Is there age play for old people? Like instead of regressing suddenly you're 112 years old and complaining about the price of milk to your partner

'intellectual property' is what my sapiosexual dom calls me

nobody wants to risk explicitly excluding trans people from their support but they want to risk explicitly excluding transphobes even less

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corps: Queer People™ are so amazing :') theyve given up so much :') i know people might hate us for saying this but,, *holds up picture of two cis lesbian women holding hands* we think this is OKAY!!!
trans people: an increasingly extremist right wing continues 2 threaten our safety from within the government and outside, meanwhile terfism is gaining popularity among "leftists" so we're genuinely at a point where suppo--
corps: ANYWAY love is love :') sometimes boys like boys ! deal with it !!

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I will now read the entirety of homestuck but only the sbahj panels

what i mean to say is, no one wants to be seen supporting trans people because we're still too "controversial" and "confusing"

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media and corporations love 2 be like "we love queer people now :)" and yet fail to have explicit representation for anything other than cis gays and the general concept of "queerness"

@dragon @jude_ basically just think "arson 💖 but make it ✨homoerotic✨" and you'll be fine

duckduckgo how do i make myself look like a queer anarchist

consuming a variety of quotes and inspirational phrases online, to up my iq to respectable levels

Getting tested for covid tomorrow ooo exciting

@dragon cool, now i can add that to my school leftovers alongside “baguette” and “croissant”

lewd shitpost 

concept: a jerk off instruction video but instead of it being sexy instructions it's literally like a Jerking Off 101 masterclass

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!