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asking statists the same kind of disingenuous questions they ask anarchists, but about a state society

"but how do the roads get maintained if only a small, special group of people are allowed to fix them?!!"

Android's reliance on Google Apps is a problem for everyone.

It hurts hobbyist projects trying to make viable alternative mobile phones (or even just alternative OSes), and now it even hurts billion dollar multi-national corporations like Huawei (and basically every other Chinese OEM).

My only hope is that now that the issue effects people with money and influence, more vendor-neutral, libre alternatives will be developed.

We should not allow one vendor to have control of an "open" OS.

Open to receive a new* kink 

Have fun will cleanup!

*newness not guaranteed, no returns accepted

extreme sarcasm 

If you're an anarchist then explain to me how literally every role in society operates!

Defederating by severing undersea Internet cables

genderqueer posting, F-slur 

thesis: bisexual woman
antithesis: bisexual faggot
synthesis: whatever this is

@julialuna @dublinux ah yes, a brilliant idea! let us recreate a hierarchical system of debt arrangements and base it on draining as much electricity as possible and throwing away old GPUs in giant Chinese landfills!

What is your opinion of 'crypto-currencies' such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

#Poll #FediPoll

salty about people claiming "carbon neutral" campuses when all that's neutral is the energy being used to run the buildings day to day. nothing about the daily activities inside, the sunk carbon costs of the buildings themselves, maintenance on them, the food served in them, or vehicles going around between them, to name a few things i'd like to harp on.
grr do better

(on a date) so.... are you more of a slapper or a whipper

her: what

yeah i don’t know either. those are the terms they use on mastodon

her: what

for real though if you think marriage equality is a non-issue you can fuck right off

the only good comics are
-joke comics that accidentally turned serious
-joke comics that accidentally turned serious and are gay

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!