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Just vibing abt abuse lol 

Abused kids b having a full on breakdown and crying and u ask them what's up and they'll just say I'm fine this just happens sometimes its okay I'm okay

Anyway I'm

Friends: are asleep because it's four in the morning

Me: oh they simply hate me

the existence of "wrestlemania" also implies the existence of "wrestledepression"

Broke: fight or flight

Woke: fight flight freeze or fawn

Bespoke (me): just flight my dude lmao

Just decided to take a break from school for a month and I haven't felt this much relief in a while holy shit

bro I fuckin love bi people they always have the best vibes

am I putting off this task because its the last one before I have to debug? no

is it because I know it means im gonna have to write more code? yes

the word plumber refers directly the fact that we used to make water tubes for drinking out of lead, which caused the water to be very toxic
english calls a job by it's most deadly error and y'all here worried with grendels or whatever

stop using discord! i'm tired of howling at the moon and would rather spend my summer afternoons awake, thank you very much

What kind of monster would I like to be? Good question, my top 3 are... 

Slime girl,
Cat girl,

Yes all of them are for horny reasons.

Every day I grow more fond of romantic use of the word bro

does anyone have a chil podcast rec for me to work to?

Still thinking about catgirl werewolf


Catgirl but really really buff


Got myself a tub of Ben&Jerry's ice cream to see how rich people on TV do depression and honestly damn this feels great I love that shit what the hell

good morning to all the geeks and gamers on mastodon! if only there was a way to find them...

Can we all take a moment and just appreciate how amazing nonbinary people are

Being gay and trans is cool cause u can just take what ur attracted to and become that and then bam youre unbelievably hot

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!