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I appreciate when people try to use popular examples like "You know the thing from stranger things where," or "It's like that thing from the walking dead that," like I see what you're trying to do, and I thank you for it, but what the fuck is a the walking dead

what does the 'closed' in 'closed captions' even refer to,

@dragon There’s a Monty Mole in Mario? Oops. I assumed someone was remaking the ZX Spectrum games. I withdraw my objections. May the present Monty restore honour to the name his predecessor sullied.

Image captions and closed captions are basically the same thing but like,,, the opposite

block recommendation for for fucking my wife

Kim and Goat sitting in couple's therapy and the therapist is looking at them in pure shock as Kim yells "MY WIFE'S MONTY MOLE FANFICTION IS TEARING OUR MARRIAGE APART"

I am back on the timeline, and despite popular rumors, I did not fuck Monty Mole

damb what if ur titties had titties would that be fucked up or what

I'm gonna say the C word 

Very few things can make me swear, but that dude on the cloud with the shells, yeah he's a fucking CUNT with a capital ASSHOLE, dot the I's and FUCK the T's

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"Within hours of the explosive allegations surfacing that ICE doctors are performing medically unnecessary and illegal hysterectomies at detention facilities, ICE agents began rapid deportation proceedings of witnesses and started shredding thousands of documents."

In short, Trump's ICE agents committed a human rights atrocity and are now doing everything they can to cover up the crime.

@dragon for what, god wanting to fight me? Fuck that fucker fucking come down here and fucking fight me fucking coward cunt fucker god ass bitch

you're straight? so who's the boke and who's the tsukkomi?

cant believe they found evidence of monty mole on venus

So were doing monty mole this morning? Is that's what's going on? We're all gonna gang up on the poor fella?

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!