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*whispers at a loud dinner party* "Conservatives are liberals too"

*Dinner party goes silent*

the adjective meaning "milf-like" is "milven," and the language of milfs is "milvish." these words are not interchangeable by any means


Furry folkpunk called "ROADKILL" and whenever they perform they have giant animal heads made to look like dead possums n shit on

chocolate 🀝 A clown
being able to delight a child

A can opener 🀝 a canopener
being able to open a can

Food joke, not vegan 

Techbros: "being anti-oop is like being anti-vax" 

It an abuse joke (motherhood, tame) 

quiz show idea:

Mastodon Tooters And Shitposters What Do They Know Do They Know Things Let's Find Out

@dragon haha these teenagers are being affirming and validating to themselves and at each other! mutual love and support! LMAO so cringe upboat if you agree

Watching "cringe" trans tiktoks because seeing people be haply about their gender and transition gives me life and hope

Cis white guy video game podcast called podchamp send toot

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!