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Dedicating an entire partition on my hard drive to @efi (I'm so sorry)

imagine being the criminal that puts node.js inside a browser

she followed it up with "what do you call a nonbinary person who loves hiking? Trail Mx.!" so i guess i can let her stay

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You ever see a post that you boosted come up on your TL again and it's so good you just have to unboost it so you can boost it a second time,

I'm going to the year 3000 and getting my ass beaten for still posting badly

discount cuckold fetish service called Two Buck Cuck

Okay, so we aren't allowed to use any word ever used on 4 chan....

Guess I gotta get rid of the word "the" from my vocab, don't wanna be called a channer.

myass is the center of mastodon and if you block it radtown and snouts and all the rest will just fly off into empty space

y'all say such good things that stick in my head

someone on here once joked that liberals believe in "load-bearing oppressions" that shouldn't be changed

it’s only a roguelike if it comes from the ASCII region of france, otherwise it’s just sparkling permadeath

it also, and this could just be projection, really feels like a larger pattern of infantilizing trans masc people. making us out to be sensitive, soft, misguided, in need of protection etc., are incredibly common themes in the way trans masc ppl are talked about in All Sorts of communities. non trans masc ppl really need to critically analyze those attitudes and if/why they perpetuate them

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Hahaha oh holy shit

'My (23 F) boyfriend (25 M) has stopped showering during lockdown and for the past 2 months has only been spraying Febreze on himself.'

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!