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Messy hair day

I'm coming up on my birthday and I don't like it, I'd rather celebrate my hatch day which is only like a month from now anyway. My birthday means nothing but a reminder of when I was born and I'd rather forget that. I'm better now.

It still blows my mind how fast hrt worked on me. Even I think I'm cute more often than not and I get a shock looking in the mirror sometimes. "That's me? That can't be right, she's way too cute"

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

that Nietzsche quote Bout being careful fighting with monsters lest ye become a monster.
but only its lowtax ripping on divorce guys and then becoming the biggest divorce guy of them all

lewd, bad, sorry 

a news anchor saying “cowonaviwus?” in a serious tone of voice with one eyebrow raised

"nazi enabler" is just a more verbose way of saying "nazi"

hornt, degradation, gore implied 

well, mom, the giggle ai thinks i pass, so,

doo dysphoric to stay naked too dissociated to get dressed

i wish the invisible hand of the market would fondle my balls every now and then

time to anser more viewr male
mark write: "lizer, are you boy or girl"
well mark, gender human construct not apply to lizer, we prefer "eggee" and "egger" also, the hitman are on way

who would design a sciatic nerve? no one worth knowing, that is for sure

everyone else's therapists: oh shit that sounds real serious we're gonna have to keep you in the hospital

my therapists, even at the fucking mental hospital: everyone gets a little sad sometimes, have you tried meditation

the concept of signatures is probably the most silly day to day thing western culture invented

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