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maybe incels are simply a product of an overly gendered culture manufactured with difficulty of communication in mind in order to get us all to consume more

the american political system is moribund and in crisis. i think a sanders administration would be 4 years of leftists being frustrated that things arent working.

theres gotta be another way to add someone to a list than manually typing their @ right,,,,,

anyone know how to fix a scratch on a monitor or is that more money down the drain

fuckkkkkkkkkkk my monitor got damaged in transit aaaaaaaaaah shit

man I really wanted to do some kind of work but fuck that tbh

I'm watching a video about deep learning and one of the ways they messed with a robotic hand solving a rubiks cube was to occasionally rub a plush giraffe against it

Some kinks deserve to be shamed, and that's okay

re: trans stuff 

systematizing gender and sexuality? that's cringe bro, your going to loose subscribers

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!