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lewd shitpost 

me, to a daddy dom: hey dad is dinner done yet. stay away from my room

begpost (sorry), links (ko-fi, patreon, bandcamp) 

hey yall i really hate to do this but i only have $15 in my bank account rn and i need money for food and i cant work in my current state
every bit of support helps and means so so much :blobheart:

You dont need a reason to block, mute, or defederate, its your boundary to set for whatever reason or lack of a reason you like.

If you want to block someone because their display name has a prime number of characters, weird but go ahead!

Stoicism is a complete and utter failure and toxic masculinity has destroyed the modern workplace

becoming the first snack brand company with a dedicated rick and morty ad department

brainfuck, except the opcodes are numeric and the working memory is also your code


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Making a new genre of music for planning heists to.

It's called "caperwave"

Yeah well uh I know an "e-girl" who had twelve "reply guys" & his name was Jesus Christ

idk whats going on but #thankyoulesbians is a tag i can always get behind

selfies, eye contact 

local butch bi dyke werewolfs shed hair into a cute haircut again uwu

meta, the discourse 

there is none right now, but opening that cw just made you nervous

academic ableism 

love using disabled people as thought experiments. just, fuckin love ppl assuming how ppl in wheelchairs/deaf ppl/blind ppl/etc experience the world and using them to make philosophical arguments. fuck undergrads tbh, we're awful

selfie, ec, cheekbones 

the cheekbone haver has logged on

โ€œwhite feminism did not change the gendered distribution of labor, it merely outsourced it to black women. Paraphrasing this claim, I argue that when gays and lesbians adopted a gender normative model of homosexuality, they outsourced the deviance status to gender variant individualsโ€ (Katri, 2017) damning tbh

anti-discrimination law w/r/t transness as it's currently pursued threatens to outsource "deviance" once more, to non-passing trans folks, or trans folks without stable employment, or trans PoC, or to GNC people who don't ID as trans, or to non-binary people, or to trans people who can't or don't want to medically transition in one or more ways

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!