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lewd shitpost 

begpost (sorry), links (ko-fi, patreon, bandcamp) 

You dont need a reason to block, mute, or defederate, its your boundary to set for whatever reason or lack of a reason you like.

If you want to block someone because their display name has a prime number of characters, weird but go ahead!

society would be so much better if there were no white people

Stoicism is a complete and utter failure and toxic masculinity has destroyed the modern workplace

becoming the first snack brand company with a dedicated rick and morty ad department

brainfuck, except the opcodes are numeric and the working memory is also your code


Making a new genre of music for planning heists to.

It's called "caperwave"

Yeah well uh I know an "e-girl" who had twelve "reply guys" & his name was Jesus Christ

idk whats going on but #thankyoulesbians is a tag i can always get behind

selfies, eye contact 

meta, the discourse 

if anyone should be given guns from the government it’s women girls femmes and gender fluid people

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!