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what folk punk lyrics is riley yelling right now? 

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under communism anyone can come into your house and steal your kins

I have this picture incase I see someone ranting about LGBTQ people on twitter or something. But just incase I dont get to use it for it's intended use here it is for you all to enjoy.

i swear i will hecking root the universe and allow everyone to be able to mod themselves some cat ears

i love all lambs

hmu if you ever want to hang out and watch cute lamb videos

marie fact: it's impossible for me to watch this video without squealing in excitement

rpg idea: anyone can channel magic but it corrupts you depending on how powerful it is

a young untrained boy could bring down a comet but at what cost

higher level means you get hurt less or manage to make the hurt different

things online discourse needs more of

- arguments!! by!! definition!!!
- believing only 1 thing can be bad, not two

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state of the world complaining 

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lewd, addi is messing with a neural network generator thingy, 

@dragon @mxsiege it’s a valid identity if someone chooses! I think the frustration is coming from ‘binary woman’ being used for someone who identifies as ‘woman (trans or cis)’ because it implies that by having a gender that is not non binary, we’re keeping the patriarchy & restrictive notions of gender going; it can come across as a dig when it’s applied, not chosen

@Sapphicgiraffic putting "from the author of This Very Book" on the cover of your book is a real power move tbh

i’m actually really proud of this, gonna tack it here so it doesn’t get lost.

I Am A Lesbian (And So Can You!)

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a man named tomatoanus did a speedrun to sleep with everyone in fallout new vegas

Computer boards exist in a matriarchy:

last night at the gym is saw a guy with a dsa sticker and a infowars sticker on the side of their car. i really wanna know their politics

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!