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drinking and pissing at the same time so the water just flows right through me

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

bathroom ice cream undies best friends club 4 lyfe!

transbian tip: on windows, ctrl-shift-esc opens the task manager so you don't have to go through ctrl-alt-del

Steal my look: grey boy shorts and a pink sweatshirt fuck pants and fuck everything else too I'm gonna eat this banana in bed

Self neg 

@dragon @GreenandBlack I never said incels were excluded. I mean, I have the free will to not want to engage sexually with people who proposition me, and do that, and volcels do that same thing informed by their own feelings on the situation

Implications of privilege 

Next you'll be telling me we live in some sort of a society

:bing: funko pop smoke inhalation poison control center

Terraform mars by shooting it with a big gun -ebon moss

me: a fire hero being a foil to firebrand would be a cool and good idea!

also me: the hero should definitely be a total bastard

Milo Y just got deplatformed at a furry convention, and I figured this would be the appropriate venue to pass my thanks to the furry community

i don't know who needs to hear it but...

needing reassurance isn't being manipulative.

especially not when you're always emotionally swimming upstream against a torrent of crappy opinions shat out by people trying to shoehorn you back into a mold you never fit in the first place.

Plural feels 

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!