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You think Elephants trying to be cute use 0y0, cause like the y is a smol trunk

ok but for real lets remember the great tragedy that happened on this day. Allende was overthrown on 11th september, 1973, beginning the brutal rule of the 17-year long Pinochet regime

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Redrafted for pol cw 

9/11, sincere 


Future Proof yourself:

- Learn a language or two. Get some language pins for your jacket so you can help translate when other need help, also free language practice partners. Immigrants can go months without speaking because no one speaks their language. Be the person that does.

- Learn how to mend and/or make your own clothes.

- Learn how to navigate with a map and compass.

- Have a go bag together Incase of emergency. Keep an encrypted jump drive or two with your important documents backed up to it and anything else you may need. (Maps, phone numbers, travel guides, first aid books, list of shelters, medication lists, etc.)

- Get a jump drive and install Tails.

- Learn good password security, gpg, etc.

- Know where to meet others I case of emergency. Have locations for different events (hurricane, wild fire etc.) In mind.

- Learn basic first aid.

- Learn how to grow your own food I different conditions. (Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, keyhole, spiral etc. Know your soil.

- Can you start a fire? Learn a few different ways.

- Learn how to preserve food.

- Learn how to avoid disease + good sanitation in a few different conditions.

- Know who to talk to if your community needs to rebuild and what you can offer.

- Always be prepared to help others and plan accordingly.

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Imagine a party stealing a dragons egg and capturing a wisp of dragon fire so a fuckin wizard can bake them a better than average cake

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Good morning I woke up at 7am and I'd feel good about it if getting up didn't mean waking up everyone else too >~< happy 9/11

i don't think cis people will ever understand nonbinary gender. half of cis people don't even bother understanding the other binary gender

I gotta stop mentally gendering people based on what their avi is

Or else most of you would be gender: pupy

The pan and bi flags are both so cool and aesthetic and honestly what a good reflection of bi and pan ppl

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!