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@julia not exactly cause like in the transmasc case its still a compliment and they're recognizing us as our gender, yknow?

@dragon this is the trans equivalent of straight people seeing 2 women getting married and being like, "oh that's so awesome having your wedding on the same day as your bff, so who are the lucky fellas?"

"Oh boy I love Linux, Linux is the best!"
Wifi breaks, microphone doesn't work, audio is fucked


I love it when cishets see a transition timeline and react with "damn cute couple" or "bro sick gains bit taking T is cheating where do you even get that stuff"

The reason people hate the ok boomer girl is because she is a reminder of their increasing irrevelence and age

@steph aight thanks!! Let's hope all my files aren't corrupted yeet

@luna they're on two separate disks, so I can at least avoid doing them back to back

@steph yeah unfortunately one of them is an sdd :/ gonna take my changes then cause I'm impatient and since they're the same size I don't think my copy failed halfway through

@luna damn I need to write a program that just goes through files and stops as soon as something differs that could be multithreaded

@steph du says they're the exact same size, you think I could get a slight speed increase if I used md5 instead of sha?

Linux question: I have two very large files on separate drives, what's the fastest way to tell if they're the same or not?

Diff takes forever, so does getting a hash

Some fucking nerds on the line: you don't need those high transfer speeds the new SSDs give youll never use that much disk bandwidth anyway

Me, compressing and backing up my 200G home directory for the second time in two weeks: πŸ˜‘

@dragon thank you for asking it's an excellent video by @melt who you should follow

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!