Cat sounds abaolutely distraught and miserable when she meows to go out and then fucking a minute later she needs in again and then out again this has been going on for an hour now

Good Morning
If you use #FediBlock & want to help support the Afro-Indigenous femme that started it you can either donate to my liberapay, or sign up to my DIY content subscription service, all links on my profile. Don't erase me from my work.

@gingerrroot helped worked to get that tag off the ground, help her out too.

Stop erasing femmes from their community efforts on here, esp the ones of color who have been here for yrs at this point.

getting physical items from friends you only know online is really surreal and kinda mind bending. its like, a reminder that they also exist off of a computer screen, or exist outside of the JPEGs or PNGs you've seen of them.

its also a different experience between things theyve ordered to your place, or things that they've made, or touched, or written on. i probably sound really wack right now but like, its just such a strange feeling

Listening to 100 gecs makes me feel like I just walked in on someone doing something fucked up with their body and I'm like 70% sure its horny but I don't have the courage to ask

Type of guy who thinks owo is an acronym

@hope I often laugh when shitty things happen and that's a whole mood

On more than one occasion I've said "what am I supposed to do, cry about it?" And been looked at like I just landed from Mars

Some Italian dude tried to follow me and I don't know what any of his (presumably) posts mean

prehistoric art appreciation thread, feel free to add your faves! 

@umalkosh the only humanoid figure in the entire Lascaux complex is this bird headed guy with a boner

prehistoric art appreciation thread, feel free to add your faves! 

@umalkosh Löwenmensch aka the first fursona (c. 40,000 bce)

prehistoric art appreciation thread, feel free to add your faves! 

@umalkosh Flawless, like all weasels.

Oh boy time to romanticize things and then never do them

Oh you're androgynous? Is that boy androgynous or girl androgynous?

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heard they're letting queer people feed babies to moloch these days. progressive!

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!