Honestly, cis women are lucky they had a 25 year head start on me.

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selfie, eye contact 

@dragon unlisted.asocial; if you make any post at all you get banned

my oldest fingerling "gollum" jade plant approx 1 year after getting him from ebay looking very lopsided. #succulents #florespondence

@dragon oh i thought this was a real instance lol

Unlisted.social if you make even a single post on the local tl you get immediately banned

tankies, minor vent 

@penny shit,, yeah I would've been devastated if I'd gotten a message like that from my friend

Thinkin bout,,,, older trans people and how cool they are tbh

Med/hrt joke 

Med/hrt joke 

@erinbee @triz ghost comin out of the shell and it's been going just fine

ghost coming out of its shell to shame mankind. there are two ghosts inside shell. ghost, if shell. ghost of you to ashell. i just came here to have a good ghost and i'm honestly feeling so shell right now. fuck of,

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