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anyway here's a little example, it's easy to do manyally but automating it wouldn't be too hard. just remove the video player element from websites and open the video in your external player automatically instead

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Picture of food 

I made muffins :3 apparently they're good!!

Uncaptioned selfie with no eye contact because I felt nice and wanted to try doing a self esteem

Selfie in a weird pose ec 

Thanks for picking my look fam, I saw a bunch a punks on the way to get groceries and they smiled at me

Picture of a box of condoms 

Yeah lemme just put on my jondom (jean condom)

Picked the black bowtie but wore a pink belt to match the lipstick :3 what do y'all think?

Wet dog ec 

Took skipper out for a walk and he decided to go for a swim :3

It's Friday the 13th y'all know what that means!!! Goth hotness with eye contact :3

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!