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It's fuckin you know why that means!!! (Eye contact in the first selfie, be a dear and boost them won't you?)

Selfie with ec 

I have a new and improved handwriting with fun new ligatures and I'm gonna be hopefully getting a bullet journal tomorrow so here's a celebratory selfie with eye contact!!

Pic of me where I feel hot and you can see my tits (no ec) 

Definitely not my best self ie, no ec, drink, partial nudity but you can't see any of the sensitive bits 

Velfie with eye contact a deep voice and my tits 

Me: y'all can draw anything you want on my back

My friends: big-ass unicorn then: 3

I love them so frimkin much!!!

Open to be blessed with a jar of lesbian marshmallows 

Old selfie ec 

Unflattering selfie with some ec 

Pic of the sea 

Selfie with ec (no image caption) 

Selfie with light ec 

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Every problem has lesbian solutions! join in on the fun!