Tried to understand a joke and interestingly just the URL for the first result told me everything I needed to know

Anyway I look dykey as hell today (selfie with ec, boost for extra sapphic love this 2021)

Selfie, ec 

POV: You're my phone and I just got a text from a gf

So this mf requested to follow me, no posts on the account at all, what's the best way to fuck with him

Cyberpunk genitals ment, slight eye contact 

Cp2077 let's you have dick 1 and dick 2 but what about dick 3

Selfies ec 

Looking pretty nice in my buildings hall mirror, not too bad for a "had to stay as quiet as possible and use the recent whites laundry" fit haha

Okay I'm having fun if anyone wants to request a shitty drawing uhhh go right ahead lol just know that I'm v bad at this

Genitals, big cursed 

Can't wait for bottom surgery 🤗

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