"hi excuse me is everything in this jewelry store insured? Oh great! Okay, I'm gonna ask you not to ring the alarm please, i won't hurt anyone but this is a robbery. Okay can everyone get on the ground for me real quick? Thanks! Alright could i have all that jewelery and the money in the cash register? Thank you very much, hey apologies everyone if any of you want a specific piece of jewelry or something feel free to ask I've got a lot and I know a lot of you were probably eying something you couldn't afford, consider this a thank you for not calling the cops, okay have a great day everyone bye now!"

@dragon This is very Thelma & Louise, if I can find the right clip oh really? I haven't watched it it seems great

@dragon This is the most Minnesota crime I can imagine.

I seem to recall Larry Lawton on his youtube describing his robberies something like this. Not because he's a particularly nice guy, but because a professional robber loathes to make a scene.

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