So are you gay and neurodivergent or have you never dreamt of having a "pillow room" in your house thats just all mattress with blankets and pillows and plushies and soft things and quiet

Mental hospital ment 

I've said it before and I'll say it again I would absolutely thrive if I had free access to one of those padded rooms you see in pop culture depictions of mental hospitals just a place where I can flop onto the floor or hurl myself at walls without breaking bones that's a dream babey

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@dragon wait i had no idea that was like a universal experience™ or something,, damn

@AgathaSorceress neither did I until I started talking about it and several people were like "oh yeah me too I've been dreaming about [slight variation on exactly this] for years!!!"

@dragon every house should have a room like that imo,,

its like,, such a good idea

@AgathaSorceress it is!!! Like why tf do people have a dining room when you could simply have a pillow room instead??

Mental hospital ment 

@dragon adult bouncy castle

Mental hospital ment, sui ment 

@dragon yeah i've often seriously thought... why don't they have places you can go where you can shut yourself in a room for a few hours, or overnight, and it's just a safe room full of soft and comforting things. maybe staffed by doctors and nurses who can help if you need but otherwise entirely voluntary

that would have helped me 5000x more than the hospital when i was suicidal

Mental hospital ment, sui ment 

@monsterblue damn that sounds cool yeah I want that too now

Mental hospital ment 

@dragon so im not the only one that loves this idea... this is like a wall getting knocked down that this is so prevalent in other neurodivergent folks.

@dragon My youngest happy summers were spent at my great aunts house. There I was allowed to take all the cushons of the couches during the day and build a room of cushions, into which I went and just got lost in thought and (which I didn't know then) meditated.

@dragon Hell yeah. When I came out I got chocolate milk. It was badass. I came out when Star Trek (TOS) or the Star Trek cartoon was on.

Reruns on those, btw. I'm not *that* old.

@dragon ...wait... cishets and neurotypicals DON'T dream of having a pillow room!? ...god, how do they live??

@dragon omg yesssss

Where the entire floor is a big bed

@dragon also in my head this room is only like 7x7 feet

@gulfie doesn't need to be big!! Mine has a Lil pillow bench for sitting

@PedroIzecksohn people who's neurotype (the way their brain works) doesn't fit (diverges from) the societal norm (neurotypical), so autistic people, people with ADHD or OCD, and sometimes 'gifted' people but I'm very hesitant to use that word cause many people have different definitions for it

@dragon Could you please read my posts and tell me if I am neurodivergent?


Dream room. Just let me wire in music from my computer or tablet or something and I'm in heaven.

Have actually considered doing this with large closet, but wasn't able to move into that place. *sad*

@dragon My psychiatrist said that I am neurodivergent. And I am bisexual.

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