Responses to being asked "have u ever visited the dark web" and what they mean

  • what, like 4chan? // bas never been to 4chan or The Dark Web, a good soul

  • no? // suspicious of why you'd think they'd go there, they're not totally sure what it is

  • no //they know of tor but have never cared about it because its just for drugs and stuff

  • yea lol // they went on some sketchy onion sites in high school but never did anything on them

  • who's asking // they're joking but that's a yes and they purchase drugs on the reg

  • yes // they don't buy drugs but they're on the hacking forums to be edgy and think they're cooler than u

  • depends on what u mean // this person has tor installed but doesn't do any illegal shit, they might torrent through i2p

  • which one // has been in weird places, has technical knowledge, likes to fuck around but completely harmless

  • haha no // yes and they do shit that they know they shouldn't be doing

  • *secures their devices and leaves* // you are on a watchlist for associating with this person

  • yeah man I'm the hitman you ordered // pay your hitman, it's rude to leave them hanging, give them a tip too

@dragon > you are on a watchlist for associating with this person

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