I hate the phrase "we're just friends" like wym "just" I love my friends very dearly its just a different type of love its not inferior in any way

Actually its always been hard for me to quantify the difference between a friend and a partner like there's nothing I'd do with a partner that I wouldn't do with a friend and vice versa, it's just a different feeling altogether? Except in my case there's often overlap

Anyone else feel that way?

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@dragon sometimes it's hard for me to tell the difference in feelings, yes. i don't get strong romantic feelings often so they often feel v similar and hard to tell apart?

@julia yeah!! Especially since like,, the feelings at least for me are very fluidy and I'll sometimes be attracted to someone romantically one day and platonically the next? Are those the right words?

@dragon tbh i feel similar w my wife sometimes i think? but like i also see her as my best friend as well anyway so, idk. haven't had much irl friendships OR romantic interests in my life to compare things to

@dragon like, are we just really good platonic friends who happen to fuck sometimes? I think about this often 🤔

@dragon yea i feel really similar. my partner is basically my best friend tbh. and i wouldn’t want it any other way, like the idea of being with someone i’m not friends with is a lil strange. i think the only difference is like the type of affection that would go into kissin or whatever, though that is really hard for me to define. emotions are weird

@shade no I get it and like same I wouldn't date a person who I wasn't friends with already, but like,, I kiss my friends too sometimes but its not the same as kissing a partner

@kittenlikeasmallcat the few people I've seen call themselves that have been stupendously shitty so I hesitate to use the word but yeah the concept is really interesting

@dragon I've definitely seen it used as an excuse to be a scumbag- although all ideological labels can do that trick. I can relate to your hesitancy, for sure, because when I mention it, someone often has a similar reflection.
I keep using it cos I like the literature that's come out under the RA label.

@dragon Sometimes I introduce my partner as "friend" or refer to them as "partner" or "friend" interchangeably.

Partly to avoid the label "<gender>friend" which feels like setting myself up to be submitted to a weird relationship audit based on an off-the-shelf set of Relationship Specifications, partly to throw people off in making assumptions, and partly because I don't understand the essential difference between romantic/platonic either. Do I want to date all my close friends? Do I just want to be besties with my closest partner? Who knows?

I feel like "wtfromantic" is a good term that I should be using more.

@dragon kinda similar thoughts on "the friendzone". Why is that a bad thing?! A zone full of friends sounds awesome! :D

(Sorry for being random)

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