Hot take but if I could remove most ui elements and decorations on my phone I would

Just black and white and text and simple icons that's it

Like an e-reader

I want my phone to be like a more responsive e-reader that can also play video and show images when I ask it to

@dragon phone ui needs to be way more customizable

and also, like, a hybrid display that can switch between LED and E-ink depending on the lighting conditions, type of content being shown, and battery level

@keith that sounds like it'd be extremely difficult to build and less efficient than just like OLED or whatever

@dragon I'm pretty sure I've seen transparent E-ink displays. just sandwich one of those on top of a standard OLED screen, I guess

but then since E-ink only consumes power when the screen is redrawn, you could use that in low-battery conditions or to show the time and notifications while the phone's sleeping

as well as if bright light is detected or you're in, like, a book reading app

@dragon it'd probably be hard to build *well* but a prototype shouldn't be too troublesome

@dragon same, very much so. grayscale except where useful plus images and videos in colour, primarily black with pale text.

@pfx that's a fucking mood right there except I prefer light themes but literally it can just invert colors for the ui and have no problems at all

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