Straightphobic take but I hate the πŸ˜‚ emoji and I hate the 🀣 emoji even more, they are of the devil

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Strongly don't like how they're the only option for "this is funny" as an emoji react,,, emoji reacts please let me add a x) or a xD

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Also if you regularly use the πŸ€ͺ emoji, I'm sorry but you're Not Valid

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@dragon ngl I'm way more likely to keysmash + 😭 to show "I think this is funny"

@chemelia you use it when you're uncomfortable but don't want to say you're uncomfortable

Or when you forgot something but you didn't really forget you just didn't want to do it


I don't like those, either. I like to use πŸ˜† or even 😫 because to me, that looks like someone wheezing

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