Ranking ways that people avoid saying they by oder of best to worst:

  • he or she // a classic, timeless
  • he/she // same as above except it sounds like that slur
  • s/he // efficient, just as many characters as they tho
  • she or he // if you're gonna try to be feminist about it just say they
  • he (or she) // bro what are you even doing
  • she // again I get it you're trying to be cool and feminist, just use they
  • he // only barely valid if you're a textbook from before 1970 and even then fuck you
@hazel @dragon "he (or she!)" really reeks of "i'm a cool feminist i promise but also i don't actually even want to put women on the same level of men!" lol like what

enby- and women-erasure 

@voidwitch @dragon @hazel Yea, it's screaming "Okok, maybe women do actually exist, but I'll only recognize that as a surprising afterthought. And what other genders are you talking about, never heard of that, can't be true."

re: enby- and women-erasure 

@trisschen @dragon @hazel exactly

the lil exclamation point just feels like "look at me! i'm helping! gimme a good guy medal!"

but yeah, enby erasure has just become the norm to me xd

@dragon what are your thoughts on "ey" and "thon"

@dragon sometimes i'll be reading an old instruction manual or something and see the general reader/user/general fucking populace get referred to as he and just become completely detached from reality for a moment as i remember that women were invented in 1988

@myconidiosyncrasy @dragon thank goodness i was born after women were invented, idk what gender i'd have to be otherwise

@00dani @dragon incredibly dark times back then u_u only one gender available and it was it's shittiest and worst optimized version

@myconidiosyncrasy @00dani back in my day we had to wait in line at the library to find out who was allowed to get the gender for the week

@dragon so many board game manuals use "neutral" he that one time i just let out an exhausted sigh and didnt say anything and my friend knew exactly what that meant

@sireffe @dragon the rules don't apply to you if you don't use he/him pronouns :akko_guns:

@sireffe @dragon *seto kaiba voice* screw the rules i have they/them pronouns

@00dani @dragon i love this so much also recently i learned that kaiba is my birthday buddy

@dragon everywhere else on the internet ppl default to he when talking about a different user

@dragon i would like to submit one more ranking which is below all of these

"alternating 'he' and 'she' by sentence, because there's attempted gender equality but snobbishness prevents them from doing literally any other solution which would be far more sensible"

if you do this: fuck you. go straight to hell. reported to the fbi for language crimes.

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