I always hear people ask: is being queer a product of nature or nurture? Are you born queer or do you become queer?

The answer is in fact extremely simple: whichever one makes it so we don't get eugenicized or have more of our rights taken away

@dragon the fact that people keep asking that question implies they're either looking for a way to stop us existing, or at the very least demanding we justify our existence. the starting point needs to be that we just exist and that's actually good

@FuchsiaShock @dragon finding out whether being queer is nature or nurture in order to narrow down my experiments into making all the kids trans. I am the one the terfs fear

@dragon oops yep, anytime that comes up I'm like, "there is literally no way this goes ok"

@Cyborgneticz @dragon in the religious circles I grew up in, the question was really about whether it's a sin. If you're born queer, God made you that way and God doesn't make mistakes; whereas if it's a choice, it's a sinful temptation from the devil.

I could write a very long thread going over the ins and outs, ironies and hypocrisies, implications and interpretations embedded in that context, but I don't think I will.

@dragon aaaaa I posted a whole thread about this on my old account but it's gone now
But yeah when people say they've found a "gay gene" and a "trans gene" and stuff I'm just like, oh haha nice *nervously looks at crispr*

@dragon I felt a hard on in my clit for Michael Landon at the age of 6 so I have to say born.

@Aquavibe I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say here, also please dont come into my mentions to talk abt your genitals without a cw esp if I dont know you

@dragon I'm only queer bc i failed to unlearn the things cisheteronormative society tried to make me unlearn I don't think people ask this just out of those reasons. For many, it's a curiosity of the 'other'. Which still implies othering, and that's still a problem. Hell, I'm queer, and I wonder what determines queerness or lack thereof. I agree that we exist, and that's never changing, is a good starting point.
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