Autistic/adhd people would fucking thrive without capitalism

Imagine having the ability to pursue your special interests and hyperfixations completely unimpeded by having to work for a living or whatever

Imagine not being expected to mask shit and u can just,,, live

@dragon I can dream... I'd just do work for people, but jobs that don't get paid for (bike repairs)...

@MxCraven I'd spend so much time travelling and helping people and meeting new friends doing odd jobs here and there and just,,, researching shit as much as I could

@dragon i'd have accomplished everything i want to do now years ago tbh

@dragon We're trying to do that under capitalism now and while we've been mildly successful in 4 different industries over the last 10 years or so our finances are a nightmare. So I would have to agree.

@dragon imagine not having every creative pursuit pushed to the brink of barely-profitable so it’s far more difficult to participate for anyone who has limits of how hard they are able to work or how long

@dragon It's one of the main reasons people say "We NeVeR HAd AutIsM WhEn I wAs YoUnG" cos people weren't supposed to fit into the category of "fit to work" to survive and they could just live their lives.


I don't believe the last part a second.

Like... people around you would still have expectations of you. And you would still screw up the same way.

@dragon On behalf of my whole autistic family I endorse this message.

@dragon Agreed. Earning a paycheck and the accompanying anxiety is an unproductive distraction for me.

@dragon yeeeeeeeeeeessssss! if the ability to live was just *there*, omg, i can’t even think of how much that would declutter doing work. those interactions come with so much mass and consequence piled on, they are near-impossible to navigate.

being able to just say ‘hey, this looks cool, can i help for a couple of hours a week?’ omg, that sounds like paradise.

i could be productive?

@pertho Yeah, that's why people "with special needs" thrived so well in socialist countries...

@dragon I’ve been thinking about this on and off since you posted it and, while I think you’re right, I think it might be more true of autism than adhd? At least, I think a lot of the things that frustrate me about adhd - difficulty finishing projects, a low frustration threshold, vulnerability to distraction, poor impulse control - would still frustrate me even in a system that didn’t press on them in the way capitalism does.

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