Reminder to install ublock origin on your browser :)

Install SponsorBlock if you watch a lot of YouTube!

Install AdAway if you have a rooted android phone

Blocking ads is self care and helps give your brain a break <3

If you're afraid of not supporting content creators, remember that the revenue they get from ads is absolutely minimal and if you were to donate three cents to their patreon per month you'd probably be giving them more money than your views' worth on YouTube

Donating directly to projects you like is much better than subjecting yourself to ads, both for them and for your mental health

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@sidd_harth0_5h4h sponsor block is an extension that automatically skips sponsored segments on YouTube, you can mark out sponsors that you see so that other people can have them skipped when they watch the same video :)

@sidd_harth0_5h4h users mark a segment as a sponsor segment and then upload the timestamps to a database for everyone else to enjoy, then others can say if it's good or not, there's moderators who help with the more popular videos

The extension then marks it on the timeline along with the real duration of the video and just automatically skips to the end of the sponsorship as soon as it would've started!

@dragon do you know of any online guides or anything for how to root your android?

@julia yeah it's really easy now for most devices

You find yours here

Then follow the instructions (might be harder for some devices, Samsung ones are a bit of a hassle iirc) to flash twrp

Then when you boot into it you can go to the flash menu and flash an app called magisk which you can find here (flash the zip not the apk)

That'll root your phone and install magisk manager, you can find AdAway on F-Droid if you use it, or on github

@julia @dragon ublock origin works on firefox android

For youtube you can use which is a heavily altered version of the stock youtube app iirc

@alexandria @dragon i use duckduckgo browser, does that work with ublock or does it do the same job by default?

@julia @dragon The duckduckgo browser should stop ads already, right? hm :/

@alexandria @dragon yeah ddg has a built-in adblock & privacy features, idk if they're as powerful as ublock though

@julia @alexandria @dragon in my experience ddg is a very weak protection - most websites I use are fine when using NoScript (it blocks more than scripts). Unfortunately however, it seems adding a few extensions to firefox for android makes the browser very slow.

@dragon also, they've already been paid for that sponsored segment in the videos, regardless if you skip it or not.

@clarjon1 yep! A lot of them are 10 seconds long so you can skip it easily

@clarjon1 @dragon

TBH if you genuinely care for a content creator (maybe they are your online or IRL friend) its better to get them away from the YouTube ecosystem; demands to constantly upload content (sometimes more than once per week) to feed algorithms seem to burn many of them out after about 3-5 years (particularly if they try to use it for for a sole source of income, its not as much of an issue for older creators who already have a stable day job and their channel is linked to it)

@dragon ublock origin does all of these

also it works on firefox android :)
@dragon There are two apps named similarily, ublock, which is a scam and stole the name of the real app, ublock origin

links to chrome/firefox extension thingies are on te github page and the whole thing is FOSS

@alexandria oh sorry I misunderstood yeah uBO is great but AdAway also removes ads inside of apps like the popups and banners and stuff

@dragon Ahhh, it's a vpn thing

I always treat those with suspicion haha

@alexandria @dragon adaway isn’t like VPN iirc, it’s a root app that works on the system level, it changes some scripts or something

@alexandria @dragon I thought adaway used the host file method on rooted devices?

twitch is especially shit 

@dragon I stream on twitch and ad rev is a few pennies a month if you run ads during breaks, and basically nothing if you don't

the "three cents" is literal. it is pennies for small streamers, and twitch still forces my viewers to watch preroll ads. ad blockers are good. a single $2.50 (take home of tier 1) subscription covers any small streamer's "lost" ad rev so many times over

re: twitch is especially shit 

@dragon (and for me specifically, i stream once a week currently. i basically can't make ad rev even if i want to. the numbers i gave are assuming you stream most of the week and run ads once a stream)

@dragon install NewPipe of you don't have a rooted android phone

@dragon blokada is also good if your android phone isn't rooted. It should be noted it's not on the play store though, because google doesn't like you not seeing ads lol.

@dragon I've installed it on most of my family's phones >:)

@dragon YouTube vanced is also really great for blocking yt ads..

Just one very big heads up though; vanced microG installs a secondary blank [android] device in your logins; and deleting that one... Kind of nukes functionality; big-time, or so I've learned!

@John thanks, John Foss, you're right installing on an entirely separate machine or virtual machine and configuring your DNS to use it is a much better and easier solution :)

@dragon fair point, I just want to push the catch-all capabilities and implore people to at least look into it. 😉

@John it doesn't even block ads on youtube it's far from catch all

@dragon @John I have uBlock Origins and Enhancer for YouTube in Firefox and Pi Hole on my network but yeah, Pi Hole is pretty Extra if you're not technical.

@dragon SponsorBlock not only auto-skips sponsor segments, but also "remember to subscribe" monologues, merch segments, and all that stuff

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