@dragon like girls are basically allowed to wear traditionally masc outfits but the opposite is not true because idk toxic masculinity says that's "gay" or something
it's pretty sad tbh

@dragon gonna assassinate john toxicmasculinity the ceo of toxic masculinity

@haskal @dragon worth remembering that girls got the ability to wear masc clothing*+& after a whole hell of a lot of fighting. so boys gotta put up

*(as long as it's not too masc then they'll get called dykes)

+(if they wanna be safe and look fashionable best to choose clothes made for women in masc styles and play up the make up )

&(other terms and conditions applied as determined by the dude on the street who thinks your hot or challenging to his ego)

@dragon the first this makes me think of is demoman in a kilt

@dragon my brother wears skirts all the time he's really cool

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