Leftists organizing on Facebook have the same energy as villains who tell the main character their entire plan and then wonder how it failed

Organizing on twitter or discord isn't better btw and mastodon is only marginally better because it's so small but it's been proven time and time again that cops are here and watching

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@dragon considering teachers were able to use it to pull of a massive strike wave, I disagree.

Are there problems with using facebook to organize, absolutely. But there have been victories where facebook was an important means to connecting with folks and organizing.

Leftists not winning has more to do with not actually wanting to put the work in of talking to their coworkers to organize, not the platforms they choose to do it. I say this as someone who is in that group.

@pootz of course but Facebook is so easily infiltrated and monitored that anything illegal or revolutionary will be swarmed with cops extremely fast as soon as things start to go down

It has its place, as does most social media, but a "private" group is all but

@dragon sure, yeah I agree security matters and wish people cared more.

But at the end of the day waiting for "the perfect platform" is a good way to get nothing done, because it's not coming. We pretty much have to use what we've got and meet people where they're at.

@dragon also this is coming from someone who deleted facebook btw. I would argue that the real organizing happens in one to one convos anyway.

@pootz @dragon

I dunno'. I'd kinda' hope that meeting people where they're at would include meeting those of us who neither like nor trust platforms like Twitter and FB. :/ I mean, even with that taken into account, I'm still people.

@xenophora @dragon that's a valid point and non-facebook platforms are probably much more accessible to folks. It would be for me at least.

Just saying that it's not necessarily the platform that's to blame for the left losing the fights we lose.

@dragon oh wow, that's going to be my keynote / punchline for an upcoming lecture on the corporate internet for activists

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