Tech opinion: we need a Linux of phones

And I don't mean like android or like an actual Linux distribution for phones, I mean the same approach to mobile development that's taken to Linux development, which is make shit that works on the worst of devices, have a million forks for users to pick from, try wacky stuff and weird configurations, and let me touch every single part of my device

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@dragon there's Purism librem phones.
But the company itself was founded by a rape apologist. :/

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@gattogateaux yeah I'm not touching anything purism for several reasons and I didn't even know it was founded by a rapist

Don't they run the KDE thing?

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@dragon @gattogateaux they developed the Phosh DE, which is Gnome based.
it's what i use on postmarketOS on my PinePhone.
there is also UBPorts, but, well, it's Ubuntu, so, not really my style. but the GUI is great.


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@grainloom @gattogateaux wanted to try out ubports a while back but nothing runs on my device lol

@dragon @gattogateaux ye, it looks like anything that doesn't have mainline Linux support still has a long way to go before it becomes usable :blobsad:
pmOS on my Galaxy Nexus is not good for much.

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