Deadass I was taken to a "fun" supermarket in new York by family and had a full blown anxiety attack within minutes of being there

I was like 15 or 16

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@heartles in general, being in a supermarket fills me with dread

@heartles there's so much stuff there!!! So many isles of just the same things and items nobody will buy that get thrown away and like the same item copy-pasted over and over and over again on shelves and you don't know where you are or what time it is

@dragon yeah :( it seems like so much goes to waste and the things that they have endless copies of are not useful things for society to have

@heartles and behind every single one are countless unspoken horrors

And I mean it's the same for most stores especially online ones but idk supermarkets just make it so much worse

@dragon i put my headphones on. i don't talk to or go near anyone. i use the self service checkout. I am on a mission.

i make it quite relaxing this way.

@julia I do that too but it's visually so much >.< if I'm in one over maybe 30mn I start wanting to cry

@dragon theyre like a terrifying labrynth of terrible smells, other people and ceilings that are uncomfortably high. hate it

@biohazard fuck!!! The ceilings and the smells and like there's always at least one of those light fixtures that's off or not as bright as the others and there's sounds you can't place or understand and aaaa

@dragon i usually go there with family and its a nightmare i lose focus for a second and walk for a couple moment and oh no. oh no. where is everyone? oh no im never getting out of here

@dragon true hell is to be trapped in a supermarket forever

@biohazard @EeveeEuphoria yeah I deadass still am scared that I'll get stuck in one of those places

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