Remembering how much I love trans people and how lucky I am to be trans


Cis people, fucking still: idk why you didn't just accept yourself as you were instead of going and transitioning

Me: first of all I did accept myself second of all my life now is infinitely better than I'd ever dreamed it could be

@dragon lmao, they dont understand "accept myself by transitioning" and its irritating

@revolverocelot I swear like no I'm not and never was a "feminine boy" whatever they think that means!!! Also the whole "permanent change" spiel is so old like I appreciate the concern but I'm not gonna end up happy if I don't transition so if I end up unhappy afterwards that's a net neutral

@dragon I accepted a long time.ago that I should have been born with a penis, I don't know why cis people can't just get that it is me "accepting myself"

Parenthood, transphobia 

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