Catch me having a crush on a cis person and having no idea how to date these fuckers

Like??? They don't particularly like to have their gender validated?? They don't ever question whether or not their body is enough to be their gender??? They don't have a bunch of medical stuffs planned out for their entire life??????? What the fuck

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@dragon in my experience it causes a lot of friction and issues. they just don't *get it*, and when it is such a huge life experience it's kinda hard to relate a lot of the time. it can work, but it defo can cause a lot of issues


@CornishRepublicanArmy yeah like I've been with a really great cis person in the past and she was always so fucking patient and like,,,, god we need so much patience and understanding from cis people

@dragon they also can very much step on toes without even realising it, which is a big ouch when it's somebody so close to you

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