Body mods, kinda graphic 

Okay so apparently there are transdermal implants I can get.

On top of that, people have already done transdermal horns so I could probably get something like that

Problem is I want big horns like a solid 10-20cm so I could have the people put a thick screw in the back so I can screw in my own bigger horns and remove them for important occasions too I guess

Other problem is I've only seen them at the front of the head and I'm not sure about the feasibility of having things implanted in the back of my head what with the hair and how thin the skin is there

Also if I do that I'm defo 1000% getting disowned lmao and I'm not ready for that yet but what do y'all think a girl can dream right?


Body mods, kinda graphic // plural 

Someone in there is also absolutely terrified

Ironic that she's the one that actually wanted horns in the first place >.>

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