Anyway here's a quick guide on how to not get caught shoplifting:

-don't hide large stuff in your pockets/clothes, that shit looks obvious

-don't look around when you take thibgs

-those 3D barcodes beep at the gate cause they have magnets in them, anything else is fine. You can usually remove them without too much effort

-bring your own bag and use the self checkout if you can, leave stuff in the bag

-never leave the store empty handed

-be nice and polite to everyone, big smiles or just little nods, don't matter

-don't look like a punk bitch, I get stopped when I do purchase everything that's in my bag, just wear common street clothes, hell even look preppy, whatever looks unsuspicious

-say hi to the security people, be courteous always

-if you do get searched, apologize for forgetting because you were in a rush and go back to pay for it. Don't steal shit you know you can't afford

-don't steal in places you go to too often, people will start recognizing you and you could get banned

-there are no cameras in the bathrooms or changing rooms for obvious reasons. Look for other blind spots and take advantage of those

-corrolary: no one looks at the camera footage unless they're specifically asked to by like the cops or some shit (depending on where you go)

-don't brag about stealing shit to the internet or cop-adjacent people

Two things that may be useful:

-The 3d barcode things only set off an alarm if they go between the detector things at the doors of the store. If you are tall enough that your head is above them, putting things under a hat or just carrying it high enough can get you past them without trouble.

You may want to test this with something small that you bought, just take one from something else and stick it into what you bought after you check out. Show the receipt if it doesn't work


- In a tourist city buy a post card, fill it out and address it, then walk up to a security guard with the post card and whatever else, tell them you get turned around in cities and ask if they can point out the closest post office to you.

No one questions you when you have a security escort to the exit. This does take a bit of acting and confidence.

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