The 2020 genders have been leaked:


E-boy advanced

Person with long hair and sunglasses and a killer smile

Enby but somehow even softer

And I think they're re-releasing lesbian with better graphics for the anniversary

@dragon I don't want them to fuck up the release like last time. We all preordered enby and it released late and was a buggy mess...

They've only just got it sorted in the past few years so I'll wait until it comes out so they actually make the gender good this time.

@dragon I'm excited because the e-boy advanced is gonna be offered in two colors: surfin' silver and rockin' red

@dragon ooh smart. They'll probably release a lite version at that time too with some better graphics

@dragon Damn, I guess it’s time to upgrade my rig for lesbians.

*pops more estrogen and progesterone*

@dragon aww crap only 4 new genders and a re-release this year?

@ben those are just leaks let's hope for some surprises

@dragon G?rl has a really cool dynamax version, have you seen the leaks?

@Thurguston you can probably port it over or get a used one but I don't think it'll be getting a remaster until 2022

@dragon Very nice. But I'd actually prefer it if instead of the Person with long hair and sunglasses and a killer smile they made one that just says "Person" as the fixed description and then you can customise it a lot more without the constraints that other options have. Just sort of a choice where if I'm unhappy with the ready-made ones I can configure everything manually

@dragon are there plans for a return of the Indianapolis 500 Pace Gender edition this year? Or are they still working on the upgraded safety features?

@dragon hmm is the lesbian remaster, also even softer

@dragon i like soft lesbians,,, i wanna be one of those

@dragon somehow i got two genders. that's okay, i'll add them to the collection. :blobcatblep:


Finally, something to compete with NB-HD and ultrasaph.

@babbage not sure, i hear rumors about it every year but it always gets delayed apparently but there's a whole subreddit dedicated to DIYing it

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