there's something to be said here about the desire for handcrafted products to closely resemble machine made ones.

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@dragon We think there's a difference in the kind of imperfections that machines make versus what people who make things with their hands make. That is, that machines won't give a shit about fatal, critical breakages, but people, almost always, do.

@violet those products often don't end up on store shelves though, it's meaningless to care about something being handmade if you're not appreciating the inherent flaws of handcrafting things and the beauty of the labor that went into it

@dragon They happen often enough that most everyone has experienced a completely defective machine-made product.

And critical, purpose defeating flaws are not what hand-crafted goods usually have :)

They're at the very least, more subtle. We can appreciate that, because if nothing else, it's unique.

@violet but in that case you are appreciating the labor that went into it and embracing the imperfection rather than just dealing with it like just a defect

@dragon There are mistakes that can't be forgiven in a product, is what we're getting at :)

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