Ok burn seriously I look hella good today!!! (Eye contact)

Okay wait it's Friday I can tag this with and y'all have to boost my cute face!!!

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@monorail @aCuteLittleBox please do bully my bunbun :p she loves when we tell her how cute a little bottom she is 💕

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@aCuteLittleBox @monorail adorable little bunny <3 I'm gonna have such a great time pinning you down and taking good care of you ~

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@aCuteLittleBox @monorail you have the cutest little keysmashes it's like you're squirming at your lil keyboard like a perfect cutie

@aCuteLittleBox @monorail atta girl 💕 -soft pets and a kiss on the top of your head-

@dragon i've been meaning to get some patches for my own jacket, but i can't find any that stand out to me; then again i'm very picky

@DirectorBlack I went into a nice shop and asked if they had pink roses and they had just this one :3

@dragon i mostly look online on etsy for anarchist and queer stuff that really tickles my fancy.

i hope that iris, creator of the queer villain pride flag, comes out with a queer villain lighting bolt patch; the pin i brought from her shop only fits on my vest lol

@dragon it really fucking would

great now i'm thinking of doing a combo ancom-queer villain pride flag but i don't have the tools to make it lmao

@dragon someday i will learn how to photoshop once i get the money for it

@DirectorBlack I can do photoshop and/or help you crack it if you want

@violet @dragon seconding that compliment since i forgot to put it in my first reply lol

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