if your hardware needs an app to be used then it is bad hardware

@dragon I am getting some tp link smart bulbs that only need the api to send to wifi info too and then I can control via the api all I want. Does that count as good hardware? it seemed like the best smart bulb choice cause it doesnt fall into any traps about iot, doesnt need a hub, and aren't fucking £50 a bulb

@dragon app for the wifi thing but then I can uninstall the app and never look at it again. I bet there is an api way to do it documented somewhere I should go look!

@roxxers most APs have a button on them to allow manual connection specifically for this purpose

@dragon the real answer is it hosting a webpage and allowing a password to be given via wifi direct. Which is how my printer worked

@dragon the issue is, there is nothing in this market that is better. Yeelight requires you to make an account. Phillips requires the hub and is fucking expensive. With the tp link stuff, I can jsut connect stuff to the network, then basically fuck off the api, mac filter the lights so they don't communicate with the internet, and just enjoy my mood lights!!!

@roxxers oh yeah absolutely I'm not saying theres better im just saying its shitty design

@dragon dumb design ye. Apps dumb. Hence why I am gunna make my own home automation system. Instead of this bs with all the apps. Gunna be a bunch of microservices .

@roxxers hell yeah I super wanna try that too but also I have no use for home automation haha

actually maybe opening the blinds with my morning alarm?

@dragon Well I just want a system to mess with lights whenever I want. It's a nice exercise of doing this in my room for when I move out. Not like I am a big fan of like doing everything via like some assistant.

@dragon Or, according to some Kickstarters, it's 'smart'

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