Anybody else rubbing their glass slab tonight ?

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@grufwub nothing suggestive here at all, just rubbing and tapping on some glass just like every other day

@grufwub yeah as we all do :3 it's nice to rub the glass sometimes

@dragon slap it, shine it,
watch it, flick it, break, upgrade it

@grufwub why would you slap your glass slab??? Or flick it??? Plus it's expensive to break!!!

@dragon @grufwub the instruction manual didn't say not to do it...

should i also stop using my glass to cut vegetables?

@dragon @grufwub guess i'm screwed. might as well grill some fish on my glass.

@dragon @grufwub were you laughing too much to type?

i will not be satisfied until i can make toast with pocket glass.

@lyliawisteria @grufwub my cellular telephone does not like it when I type the letters y v b or g

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